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On AppThurst, buy app reviews and improve your play store & app store ratings. Our reviews comes from a huge community of incentivized users who are paid to write app reviews. The text and reviewers are carefully chosen to reduce deletion. Our strongest point isn’t our great pricing, but superior customer service.

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Our App Review Process: Explained in Easy steps.

Our app review service is reliable, flexible, and scalable. We help you improve your organic rankings on Google Playstore in four simple steps

Select Plans

You may select any of our review or install plans - on either android or app store.

Sit back and watch

We will algorithmically select the reviews to download & review your app.

Get Detailed Report

Once the order is complete, we will send you a detailed report of app reviews.

100% surety

We will make up for any review deletion - free of cost.

Review pace by Algorithms

Our smart machine learning algorithms determine the best posting rate, and adjusts the pace of reviews accordingly.

Flexible Schedules

Don't want to run all reviews at once? No problem! You can schedule your the flow of reviews and put daily limits too!

All Languages Support

Get reviews in the language of your choice. We support all of the most commonly used languages around the globe.

Real Users and Devices

No Bots! All reviews come from real devices. You can ask us for the device IDs and cross check it with your database of users.

Custom Reviews

Want full control over the quality of reviews? You can send us some pre-written reviews that you would like to see on your app.

Detailed Reports

Get detailed reports containing fields such as user's device ID, manufacturer, email ID and review details.

GEO & language.

  1. You can choose any language for reviews, but certain geo restrictions apply (which you can read in the next point)
  2. You can choose any country for:
    • OS App Installs
    • OS App Reviews
    • OS Android App Installs
However, we don’t allow geo-targeting for android reviews, as the reviews are visible in all the countries.

Flexible Pricing

Choose a plan with the reviews quantity that you want.



  • 20 Reviews
  • 40 Installs
  • Positive real 5-star reviews



  • 40 Reviews
  • 100 Installs
  • Positive real 5-star reviews



  • 100 Reviews
  • 300 Installs
  • Positive real 5-star reviews



  • 25 Reviews
  • Positive real 5-star reviews



  • 150 Reviews
  • Positive real 5-star reviews



  • 500 Reviews
  • Positive real 5-star reviews



  • 1000 Reviews
  • Positive real 5-star reviews

1000 Android Installs


4500 Android Installs


10000 Android Installs


20000 Android Installs


50000 Android Installs


100 iOS Installs


450 iOS Installs


1000 iOS Installs


2000 iOS Installs


5000 iOS Installs



Frequently Asked Questions on Reviews

We guarantee 100% safety for all of our reviews and install tasks. Our devices are unique and go through safetynet check before the users are assigned the reviews. We are the only company that provide three tier user-check, which includes auditing review history, google-plus profile, and daily safetynet check. So, whenever you buy apple app reviews or android app reviews, we will guarentee a flawless experience.

Yes, you can. You can tell us how many reviews you want us to post daily once you buy ios reviews, or android reviews, for this, you can either email us, or add our representative on skype.

Yes, you can provide your own reviews, and we will ask our users to paste it.

Yes, we can put reviews in any language. So, whether you want them to be in Mandarin, Spanish, French or any other language, we can do that for you.

We will cover any deleted reviews. So, you don't pay anything for deleted reviews. If there is any deletion, we will post additional reviews, and you will only pay for the reviews that stay.

Forever! You only pay for 5-star reviews that remain on your app forever.

Worldwide. These reviews will be available for users to see in every country.

Android reviews appear immediately, but for Apple, it takes 24-48 hours to manually approve the review before they appear on the iOS store. If you have any questions after you buy playstore reviews or iOS reviews, then feel free to contact us

No, we provide only reviews on app that are available globally.

We send you detailed reports for any task, like reviews, installs etc. Moreover, we provide you advanced integration support.

Yes, we do. We work with some of the top companies on the playstore. You can connect with us by filling out the order form below, or call us at our number for additional information for app store optimization.

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